Most Popular Electric Bike Insurance : 2021


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 Ebike insurance protects your bike against losses like thievery, damage, and accidents. notwithstanding you’ve got home or renters insurance, ebikes usually have restricted coverage, and a few policies exclude coverage for ebikes altogether.

Because ebikes square measure a comparatively new trend, there aren’t several ebike insurance firms on the market. However, the simplest carriers supply collision coverage, thievery protection, and liability insurance, in addition nearly as good client service. we have a tendency to found the simplest supported policy offerings, coverage limits, distinctive options, and discounts.

The Best Ebike (Electric Bike) Insurance in 2021

1. Velo surance

Velosurance is that the best overall ebike insurance supplier thanks to its comprehensive coverage, strong policy choices, and distinctive options that you simply won’t notice from several different ebike insurance carriers.


  1. Wide variety of coverages, together with some specialized policies
  2. Discounts accessible for membership organizations
  3. Nationwide store network


  1. Can’t get a second quote on-line
  2. No data regarding rating or deductibles on the web site
  3. Not accessible in each state

We selected Velosurance because the best overall ebike non depository financial institution as a result of its coverage is just about unmatched. a regular policy includes coverage for thievery, crash and accident harm, harm throughout transit, edge help, medical payments, and far additional. Your bike is roofed anyplace within the world, and also the company will increase your coverage limit throughout your travels for little fee.


2. Spoke Insurance

Spoke Insurance offers reliable ebike insurance beginning at simply $100 annually, therefore we tend to suggest it to any ebike rider World Health Organization is trying to find a reasonable policy that won’t break the bank.


  1. Policies begin at simply $100 annually for coverage
  2. Good coverage choices with generous limits
  3. Low deductible choices on the market
  4. File a quote on-line through the Markel web site


  1. No discounts on the market
  2. Only offered for Markel home and renters insurance customers
  3. Worldwide coverage isn’t free

We selected Spoke Insurance because the best ebike insurance supplier for reasonable coverage. Premiums begin at $100 annually, that makes it one among the most affordable suppliers we tend to reviewed. you’ve got the choice to decide on a deductible from $200 to $500 per claim, and if you choose for a deductible on the upper finish, it will lower your rate even additional.

Spoke Insurance can cowl any ebike with a prime speed of twenty eight mph or less. And as long as your ebike is beneath 750 watts, you’ll qualify for coverage.

Standard policies from Spoke Insurance embrace collision insurance, stealing insurance, coverage for spare components, bike cost coverage, medical payments coverage, liability coverage , bike rental compensation, and transit protection. you’ll be able to additionally add emergency edge help with up to thirty five miles of towing for $12 additional annually, and if your bike desires repairs, you’ll be able to opt for any look you would like.

3. McClain Insurance
McClain Insurance offers high-coverage-limit ebike insurance policies, that is right for bikers World Health Organization wish additional peace of mind Associate in Nursing monetary protection within the event of an ebike accident.


  1. Affordable premiums with a beginning rate of $250 annually
  2. High coverage limits sure enough policies
  3. Annual “Five Minute Insurance Checkup” ensures your coverage is usually up-to-date


  1. Very restricted coverage compared to different suppliers
  2. Not on the market in each state
  3. Few third-party reviews, and no AM Best monetary strength rating

Of all the ebike insurance suppliers we tend to reviewed, McClain Insurance offers the very best coverage limits by a landslide. you’ll be able to get insurance and underinsured automobilist amount of money up to $500,000. in addition, commonplace ebike insurance policies embrace property harm coverage and medical payments coverage, however the policy limits on the market aren’t specified on-line.

Although McClain Insurance offers high coverage limits, the coverage on the market is pretty restricted, particularly once you compare it to another carriers we tend to reviewed. the corporate doesn’t advertise any distinctive options, like roadside help, international coverage, travel protection, or cost coverage.

Sundays Insurance offers nice international bike coverage, thus you ne’er ought to worry regarding your ebike obtaining broken, stolen, or lost in a very hold if you are taking your bike on a remote getaway.


  1. Comprehensive coverage choices, together with some distinctive policy choices
  2. Easy to urge a quote, purchase coverage, and file a claim on-line
  3. Free perks for Strava members
  4. Ebike batteries qualify for coverage below a regular policy


  1. Worldwide coverage isn’t on the market for free of charge
  2. Not on the market in each state

Sundays Insurance is our choose for the simplest ebike insurance for international travelers. If you add a worldwide extension to your policy, you’ll be able to get airline shipping coverage and physical harm coverage whereas you’re traveling overseas. the sole draw back is that you just ought to get the extension so as to require advantage of those perks.

An ebike insurance from Sundays Insurance includes a spread of different policy choices, that apply within the u. s. and Canada. you’ll be able to get spare elements coverage (up to $500), athletics coverage, liability coverage (up to $100,000), vehicle contact protection, rental compensation, and lots of additional. Plus, your ebike battery conjointly qualifies for coverage if it gets purloined or broken in a very collision.

Sundays Insurance does not mention what quantity its policies price, however you’ll be able to select a deductible between $200 to $500. If one thing happens to your ebike, Sundays Insurance can allow you to take it to any search to urge repaired.

5. Simple Bike Insurance

If you’ve got a growing bicycle assortment, we tend to suggest a policy from easy Bike Insurance, that has customizable coverage, free protection for competitive cyclists, and better of all, discounts for insuring multiple bikes.


  1. Coverage is offered nationwide
  2. Several discounts offered for policy savings
  3. Low-cost policies begin at simply $100 p.a.


  1. The primary operator on the policy should be a minimum of eighteen years previous
  2. Limited client support choices

Ebike homeowners United Nations agency have multiple bikes they need to insure ought to contemplate a policy from easy Bike Insurance. the corporate offers a generous discount if you add multiple bikes to constant policy, and you’ll be able to get the discount for insuring a mixture of bikes, like ebikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and cruisers. Ebikes qualify for coverage as long as they’re under 750 watts and twenty eight mph (with power assist).

Simple Bike Insurance policies supply an honest vary of coverage. you’ll be able to get collision coverage , insurance, medical payments, worldwide physical harm protection, wayside help coverage, spare elements coverage , competition fee compensation, and rental bike replacement, among others. Policies cowl your bike anyplace within the u. s. and Canada and embody worldwide physical harm protection.

Policies from easy Bike Insurance begin at simply $100 p.a., and you’ll be able to select a deductible anyplace from $200 to $500. you’ll be able to email associate agent to file a claim, and there are not any repair restrictions if your bike must get fastened once a coated loss.

6. Progressive
Ebike house owners WHO have already got householders, renters, or dwelling insurance from Progressive will save cash by insuring their ebike with Progressive’s bike insurance endorsement.


  1. Reputable insurance supplier with wonderful money strength
  2. Endorsements tend to be cheaper than standalone policies
  3. Online claims reportage tool


  1. Must be associate existing Progressive client to induce ebike coverage
  2. Doesn’t embrace any info regarding evaluation, coverage limits, or deductibles
  3. No on-line quotes

Progressive is that the solely underwriter on our list that gives a bicycle insurance endorsement that may be additional to associate existing home, renters, or dwelling policy. If you’re already insured with Progressive, it’s straightforward to feature this endorsement to your policy, and it would be cheaper than buying a standalone ebike policy from a unique company.

A bicycle insurance endorsement from Progressive has all the foremost necessary coverage you’ll want once riding your ebike. It includes collision insurance, medical payments coverage, larceny and roguery coverage, insurance, and property injury coverage. However, it lacks several of the perks that different suppliers have, like spare elements coverage and edge help.

One of the downsides of Progressive is that there are not any details on-line regarding what proportion the bicycle insurance endorsement prices, what the offered coverage limits area unit, or that deductibles you’ll be able to make a choice from.

Overall, we tend to found that Progressive’s bicycle insurance page was lacking essential info that a prospective client would wish to grasp, like whether or not you get to decide on your own shop within the event of a lined claim, and if ebikes area unit lined internationally.

Final finding of fact

Most ebike insurance policies area unit underwritten by Markel Insurance. whereas several ebike insurance carriers share similarities, there area unit some key variations, particularly once it involves beginning value, coverage limits, policy choices, and on-line tools.

Overall, we tend to advocate Velosurance to any ebike owner WHO is searching for coverage. Velosurance has generous coverage limits, distinctive policies with worldwide coverage, and membership cluster discounts. Plus, its policies area unit backed by Markel Insurance, that has over seventy years of business expertise.



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